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Ultrasound-guided Alignment and Insertion of Percutaneous Cannulating Instruments
(Left) Device prototype. (Right) Short-axis ultrasound image of segmented vessel for insertion.Invention Summary: Gaining access to blood vessels is a critical first step in a plethora of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (see market applications). The timely delivery of these interventions can affect morbidity and mortality, yet in difficult c...
Published: 4/5/2019   |   Inventor(s): Martin Yarmush, Alvin Chen, Max Balter, Joshua Leipheimer
Category(s): Physical Sciences, Medical Devices
A Novel One-handed Cannulation Device
Invention Summary:Intravenous cannulation is routinely performed to provide reliable central venous access for administration of medical therapy. The conventional Seldinger cannulation technique is the mainstay of central line placement, however, it can lead to complications due to multiple steps and the need of changing multiple moving parts with ...
Published: 2/12/2019   |   Inventor(s): Hamid Ehsani-Nia
Category(s): Medical Devices, Life Sciences
Power Toothbrush with Evacuation Technology for Oral Care
Invention Summary:This invention provides a unique multi-purpose power toothbrush integrating high-vacuum functionality into a battery powered toothbrush, providing for effective removal of saliva, debris, and fluids during brushing. The removal of these potentially harmful and infectious materials aids in the prevention of pneumonia and other resp...
Published: 8/29/2018   |   Inventor(s): Maxine Strickland, Vivek Kumar
Category(s): Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Therapeutics
Cellular Reprogramming via Co-culture Bioreactor
Invention Summary: Co-culture systems are a popular method for engineering complex multicellular systems. Specifically, for cell therapy, where one cell population can help differentiate another therapeutic cell population. Current co-culture methods have shown benefits, though there still remains a need for a scalable, integrated system that can m...
Published: 7/24/2018   |   Inventor(s): Biju Parekkadan
Category(s): Life Sciences, Medical Devices
Wearable Transcutaneous Microsensor for Continuous “in situ” Monitoring of Biomarkers
A schematic view of the label-free flexible microsensor and its insertion into the skin.Invention Summary: The ability to measure peptide/protein biomarkers in bodily fluids “in situ” can enable continuous health monitoring. The current gold-standard for protein quantification in laboratory tests is enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (EL...
Published: 6/20/2018   |   Inventor(s): Mehdi Javanmard, Pengfei Xie, Mark Allen, Wen Shen, Naixin Song
Category(s): Physical Sciences, Medical Devices, Diagnostics
Detection, Diagnosis, & Prediction of Dental Periapical Diseases Using Image Processing Techniques (Digital pixel intensity software/technology)
Overlaid pixels allow determination of issues, location, courses of treatment, progression.Invention Summary:Incorrect diagnosis of periapical lesions may lead to either progression of the disease of unnecessary surgical procedures.This new method and adapted software provides DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS, EARLY DETECTION and information not obtainable v...
Published: 3/26/2018   |   Inventor(s): Jay Patel
Category(s): Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Life Sciences
Portable Exhaled Breath Condensate (EBC) Analyzer for Asthma Diagnosis and Monitoring
Invention Summary: Asthma, an increasingly important global health problem that affects ~ 300 million people worldwide, is characterized by variable airway inflammation and air flow obstruction. Currently available non-invasive methods for diagnosing and monitoring asthma involve measurements of exhaled nitric oxide (NO). Apart from the transient n...
Published: 1/22/2018   |   Inventor(s): Mehdi Javanmard, Azam Gholizadeh, Robert Laumbach, Howard Kipen, Clifford Weisel, Manish Chhowalla, Andrew Gow, Damien Voiry
Category(s): Life Sciences, Medical Devices
VSTEP: Balance, Mobility, and Fitness Rehabilitation Game
Clinician (left) working with patient (right) within the VSTEP digital health platformInvention Summary:Restoring balance is critical for patients recovering from stroke, trauma, or joint surgery, as well as patients with other neurologic conditions. Virtual reality provides an opportunity to gamify rehabilitation and improve outcomes.Researchers a...
Published: 11/22/2017   |   Inventor(s): Judith Deutsch, Robb Gosine
Category(s): Software, Engineering, Medical Devices, Therapeutics
Biomimetic, Bioactive Dental Implants
Left: 3D printed mold; Center: prototype bioactive implant; Right: prototype lateral incisor implant restored with acrylic temporary crown (after implantation).Invention Summary: While titanium dental implants are the current state of the art for tooth replacement, they involve an invasive surgical procedure and significant risks. Aside from intra...
Published: 9/15/2017   |   Inventor(s): Amir Fakhrzadeh
Category(s): Life Sciences, Biomaterials, Medical Devices
Three-Dimensional Pre-Vascularized Scaffold
Schematic of load-bearing scaffold: osteonal cortical section, porous trabecular section, vascularized osteon, hydroxyapatite columnsInvention Summary:This load-bearing scaffold mimics the native structure of cortical and trabecular bone to improve outcomes of orthopaedic surgeries. The biodegradable, polymeric scaffold has a porous trabecular sect...
Published: 3/27/2017   |   Inventor(s): Joseph Freeman, Brittany Taylor, Tea Arapovic, Pushpendra Pankaj PATEL
Category(s): Life Sciences, Biomaterials, Medical Devices
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