Bed Bug Seizer Attractant and Monitoring System

Effect of Bed Bug Seizer™ attractant on trap catches. Use of the Bed Bug Seizer™ lure in traps increased the trapping efficiency by over 100%.

Invention Summary:

Rutgers scientists have developed an economical and effective attractant, trapping device and monitoring system (Bed Bug SeizerTM) for detecting low levels of bed bug infestations.

The proprietary bed bug monitoring system consists of a highly effective trapping device, an attractant, and a carbon dioxide source. The system can be used both in occupied and unoccupied infested places to detect bed bugs early, evaluate treatment effectiveness, and reduce control cost.

In field studies, the trapping device was found to be significantly more effective than ClimbupTM Insect Interceptor, the most effective passive

monitor in the market, and the monitoring system outperformed NightWatchTM bed bug monitor. In addition, it was found that use of the attractant in conjunction with ClimbupTM Insect Interceptor significantly increased the number of catches. This attractant, which is the first attractant with proven efficacy in field studies, can be used in any type of bed bug trapping devices to increase the trap efficacy.

The attractant can also be used separately from the Rutgers monitoring system.

Market Applications:

Applies to residential buildings, hospitals, schools, day cares, offices, and other public places where bed bugs pose a nuisance and threaten to public health.


The attractant and the bed bug monitoring system are inexpensive, effective, and easy to use for detecting bed bug infestations.

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

Patent pending.

Rutgers ID: 2012-054
Pest Control
Deborah Perez
Senior Licensing Manager
Changlu Wang
Narinderpal Singh