Invention Summary:

Neurokinin-1 (NK-1) belongs to a family of receptors known to bind neurotransmitters, tachykinins, with different affinities and mediate a range of physiological functions. These receptors are expressed differentially in bone marrow, mammary epithelial cells and neural tissues. While the expression of NK-1 is constitutive in neural tissues, in bone marrow cells its expression is inducible by hematopoietic regulators. NK-1 receptors and its ligands have been implicated in the pathology of several lymphoproliferative disorders such as Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukemia and inflammatory diseases.

The present technology relates to a discovery of NK-1 variant in the bone marrow cells that is differentially expressed in mature hematopoietic cells and peripheral immune cells. A novel gene was discovered, termed Hematopoietic Growth Factor Inducible Neurokinin-1 type (HGFIN), because of its expression in differentiated hematopoietic cells and peripheral immune cells and its absence in progenitor bone marrow mononuclear cells. Further research indicated that HGFIN is a cell cycle inhibitor. This reveals a role for HGFIN in hematopoietic proliferation and regulation, and suggests a potential application in the treatment of lymphoproliferative disorders. Human melanoma and breast cancer cell lines also showed expression of HGFIN. HGFIN has been shown to bind substance P, a tachykinin peptide, and may play a role in substance P-mediated early integration of cancer cells to the bone marrow. Thus targeting NK-1 and other NK receptors in combination with HGFIN could be beneficial in the treatment of cancers.

Market Application:

  • For the development of small molecule inhibitors, RNAi, gene therapy, peptides or proteins for therapies in the treatment of cancers, inflammatory, neurological or hematopoietic diseases
  • For use as a transdifferentiation marker to follow the path of cells from bone marrow
  • For the development of antibodies for research use

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

  • United States patent number 6,939,955 granted on September 6, 2005 
  • United States patent number 8,383,806 granted on February 26, 2013
  • Published United States application: US-2008-0064649-A1


Sequence of HGFIN; Vectors and Expression Systems; Purified Protein

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