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Hydroxyapatite, HAp, chemical formula Ca10 (PO4)6(OH)2 has attracted the attention of researchers over the past thirty years as an implant material because of its excellent biocompatibility and bioactivity. HAp has been used extensively in medicine for implant fabrication. It is commonly the material of choice for fabricating dense and porous bioceramics. Its general uses include biocompatible phase-reinforcement in composites, coatings on metal implants and granular all for direct incorporation into human tissue. Other potential nonmedical applications include a packing material/support for column chromatography, gas sensors and catalysts, as a host material for lasers, and as a plant growth substrate.

  •  Biocompatible phase-reinforcement in composites

  •  Coatings on metal implants

  •  Non-medical applications

      o  Packing material/support for column chromatography,

      o  Gas sensors and catalysts,

      o  Host material for lasers,

      o  Plant growth substrate

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Physical Sciences
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Richard Riman
used for coating surgical implants