Rutgers Scarlet™ Strawberry

Invention Summary:

Rutgers Scarlet Strawberry was bred to grow well in NJ’s wide range of soils and to withstand the dramatic swings in NJ’s climate. It was produced for consumers interested in the best tasting strawberries when picked and eaten fresh from the farm. Rutgers Scarlet is sweet, balanced with just the right amount of acidity. There is no need to add sugar, an important trait in an era when grocery store strawberries often lack real taste. The Rutgers Scarlet is also a beauty. It keeps its strawberry red color throughout, with no white middle.
After over a decade of development, field trials, and taste tests, Rutgers has released its first patented strawberry in 2015. The Rutgers Scarlet strawberry was shown to perform exceptionally well in multiple categories:

  • It clocked in with a high Brix rating, which assesses the sugar content
  • Its sweetness is nicely balanced with its noticeable tasty acidity, enhancing the strawberry’s rich flavor and giving it depth
  • Its size was good; the yield is good to moderate
  • It’s color is a “very nice” red – throughout, contrasting with the hard white center of many commercial varieties
  • Good berry and leaf disease resistance to pests and disease, even in variable weather which is problematic for such fruit

Market Applications:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Standard uses such as jams and jellies


  • Delicious taste
  • Designed especially for locally grown produce, home gardens, farm markets
  • Red color throughout- no white, hard center

Intellectual Property:

  • Plant Patent 27,587

Commercial Status:

  • Propagation licenses are available
  • Available in many states, contact our licensed propagators at website below
  • Many testimonials from growers: example

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Patent Information:
Deborah Perez
Associate Director, Physical Sciences & Ag
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey