Autonomic Cloud Federation

Invention Summary:

The integration of cloud service types/vendors is non-trivial and has many requirements for business applications. Although there is a proliferation of cloud offerings, it has been widely noted that “no single provider successfully addresses all segments of the market.”

Rutgers researchers have developed Autonomic Cloud Federation technology to address this gap. It is a framework designed for enabling dynamically federated multi-clouds on demand. It is a hybrid infrastructure integrating public and private clouds, data centers, and enterprise grids.  

Market Applications:

  • Cloud services
  • Business intelligence
  • Financial analytics
  • Oil reservoir simulations
  • Medical informatics
  • Document management


Autonomic Cloud Federation enables easy integration of private and public cloud services and integration across Cloud service types/vendors. It can protect a company’s cloud system security.

Additional advantages of this architecture are:

  • Vendor-agnostic infrastructure: it can synthesize robust and secure multi-clouds through policy-driven dynamic federation and coordination to enable on-demand scale-up, scale-down, and scale-out.
  • Programming support: enables applications on dynamically federated, hybrid infrastructure, such as cloud bursting and bridging.
  • High-level programming abstractions & Autonomic mechanisms.

Intellectual Property & Development Status: Issued patent: US9,086,923. Available for licensing and research collaboration. Please contact

Patent Information:
Andrea Dick
Associate Director, Licensing
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey