Time Varying Metamaterial-Enabled Directional Modulation Schemes for Physical Layer Security in Wireless Communication Links



Simulated bit-error-rate (BER) for the decoding performance of a receiver corresponding to a proposed transmission scheme.


Invention Summary:

With continuing advancements in wireless communication systems and emerging applications of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, there is an urgent need to develop physical-layer (PHY) focused secure communication schemes to avoid high computational and battery burdens from cryptographic strategies.   

Researchers at Rutgers University proposed novel transmission architectures to enhance PHY security through the  utilization of metamaterial (MTM) leaky-wave antennas (LWA). The secure schemes are devised to accomplish the  functionalities of 1D and 2D directional modulation (DM) transmitters for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing  (OFDM) and non-contiguous (NC) OFDM transmissions, while enjoying the implementation benefits of MTM-LWAs.  Specifically, they have for the first time put forth transmitter architectures based on the idea of time-modulated  MTM-LWA as a promising solution for PHY security. A prototype of time-modulated array (TMA) containing MTM-  LWAs was designed and developed, in which both simulated and measured results for the bit-error-rate (BER) show    that the proposed MTM-TMA can preserve the signal in desired directions while distorting it in all other angles in 2D  space. Numerical simulations show that even when an adversary employs sophisticated state-of-the-art deep  learning-based attacks, the proposed transmission schemes are resistant to these attacks and reliably guarantee    system security. 


  • Provides compact, integrated, and cost-effective antenna architectures
  • No processing overhead required as would be needed for encryption-based security 
  • Two-dimensional beam steering 
  • High BER for direction other than the desired direction

Market Applications:

  • Physical layer security - integrated in commercial IoT networks, 5G systems, and 6G systems of the future
  • Security for wireless networks
  • Next-generation communication systems in smart cities

Intellectual Property & Development Status: Patent issued. Available for licensing and/or research collaboration.

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