PEG Nanocarriers, Nanogels and Synthesis Methods

Invention Summary:

A novel platform of PEG-only nanocarriers and nanogels has been developed by Rutgers scientists. The nanocarriers can be used from 100Da-100- kDa and are capable of forming stable nanogels and nanogel aggregates in a variety of sizes from 20-30nm up to >1000nm. The carriers and gels have improved solubility over existing technologies and provide for enhanced loading of drug agents. Several methods have been developed to create and tailor a wide variety of polymers and copolymers utilizing an assortment of cross-linkers and functional groups to alter surface charge, charge density, hydrophobicity, cell and tissue interactions and trafficking. Collectively, the characteristics of this novel class of PEG-based nanocarriers, nanogels and nanogel aggregates enable delivery of agents requiring higher dosing and with solubility limitations, and provide for target delivery to the site of action.   


  • Increased drug loading to overcome conjugation effects of lower potency drugs
  • Enhanced local and minimized systemic delivery of drugs, improved solubility of drugs
  • PEG is nonimmunogenic and generally regarded as safe

Market Applications:

  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics
  • Imaging
  • Drug Delivery
  • Polymer
  • PEG

Intellectual Property & Development Status: 

  • Issued patents: US 9,517,201
  • Available for licensing and/or research collaboration

Patent Information: