Three-Dimensional Pre-Vascularized Scaffold

Schematic of load-bearing scaffold: osteonal cortical section, porous trabecular section, vascularized osteon, hydroxyapatite columns

Invention Summary:

This load-bearing scaffold mimics the native structure of cortical and trabecular bone to improve outcomes of orthopaedic surgeries. The biodegradable, polymeric scaffold has a porous trabecular section surrounded by a cortical section with vertically oriented channels that mimic osteons. Hydroxyapatite columns provide additional structural support to the cortical section, and the scaffold is further mineralized. The osteon-like channels are seeded with cells to form vasculature, and these vessels are decellularized to avoid an immune response. The scaffolds may be seeded with the patient’s own stem cells before implantation to improve bioactivity and tissue regeneration.

The scaffold is implanted into a full-thickness defect, where it can immediately bear weight and harness the bone’s natural regenerative capacity to become fully integrated with the native bone, filling an unmet need in the market.

Market Applications:

Replace metal implants for load-bearing repairs:

  • Traumatic fractures
  • Bone tumor resection
  • Vertebra replacement


  • Immediately load-bearing
  • Biomimetic structure
  • Pre-vascularized for early blood flow
  • Resorbable for native bone integration
  • Shorter, simpler surgery
  • Promotes natural bone formation (osteoinductive and osteoconductive)

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

Issued US Patent 10,524,915 and Japanese Patent 6770774Available for licensing and/or research collaboration. For any business development and other collaborative partnerships contact:

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