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Bioinformatic Methods for Determining Resistance to Cancer Treatments
​ ​ Invention Summary: Determining resistance to chemotherapy treatments for specific types of cancer (e.g., prostate, lung, breast, etc.,) as early as possible can prolong patients' lives by enabling them to be treated with other, and hopefully, more effective treatments as soon as possible. Researchers at Rutgers University have...
Published: 8/7/2023   |   Inventor(s): Antonina Mitrofanova, Sukanya Panja, Sarki Abdulkadir, Vishal Kothari, Edward Schaeffer
Keywords(s): Bioinformatics, Biomarkers, Digital Health, Prostate Cancer
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Software & Copyright, Technology Classifications > Software & Algorithms, Technology Classifications > Cancer, Technology Classifications > Healthcare & Life Sciences