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Innovative Assessment of Cardiovascular Function for Individualized Treatment, Training and Diet Plans
​ ​ Invention Summary: Measures to assess cardiovascular health range from simple tests such as blood pressure, resting heart rate, or stress test to ones that are highly invasive such as pulmonary catheterization. In patients at risk for peripheral artery disease, such as diabetics, there are other measures including reactive hyperemia tests...
Published: 5/22/2024   |   Inventor(s): Andrew Gow
Keywords(s): Cardiovascular, Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Software & Copyright, Technology Classifications > Software & Algorithms, Technology Classifications > Healthcare & Life Sciences, Technology Classifications > Therapeutics, Technology Classifications > Ag Biotech
Portable Exhaled Breath Condensate (EBC) Analyzer for Asthma Diagnosis and Monitoring
Invention Summary: Asthma, an increasingly important global health problem that affects ~ 300 million people worldwide, is characterized by variable airway inflammation and air flow obstruction. Currently available non-invasive methods for diagnosing and monitoring asthma involve measurements of exhaled nitric oxide (NO). Apart from the transient...
Published: 5/15/2024   |   Inventor(s): Mehdi Javanmard, Azam Gholizadeh, Robert Laumbach, Howard Kipen, Clifford Weisel, Manish Chhowalla, Andrew Gow, Damien Voiry
Keywords(s): Biosensor, Electronics
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Medical Devices, Technology Classifications > Healthcare & Life Sciences, Technology Classifications > Diagnostics